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COCAINE ANGEL World Premiere: 2006 Rotterdam Film Festival
Coming soon to DVD...


It's Finally Here!

Totally Strung Out With Drug Fueled Extras, Enough Goodies To Make You Reach For The Needle!


Commentary Track 1 with producer/writer Damian K. Lahey and director of photography Shawn Lewallen
Commentary Track 2 with director Michael Tully and editor Dave Lahn
"Hazy Shade of Jacksonville" 30 minute behind the scenes documentary
Deleted scenes with text commentary by Damian K. Lahey
"Cathouse Anamorphic"

About Ernest Hemingway

In the autumn of 1926, after the first novel "The Sun Also Rises" ( "Fiesta"), Father - a doctor by profession and an amateur ethnographer of psychic propensity - hunter, took with him Erna in the woods, he drove in Indian villages, tried to teach his son to observe nature, animals, birds, look closely at the unusual life of Indians. Apparently, he hoped that the senior town, next to Chicago - it's largest commercial and industrial center Midwest. Gam doing things and money, but here in this town cottages and colleges, only ended up acquired in Chicago. He grew up in the cultural, to-do family, and parents, each in its own way, tried to push his interests.son will continue the family tradition of Hemingway, which consisted of several scientists, physicians, ethnographers, travelers, missionaries. A mother - a lover of music and painting, studying singing and debuted in New York Philharmonic, here in my town, was forced satisfied with teaching, singing in the church choir, and his son sought learn to play the cello. Musicians from Erna did not work, but love good music and good pictures with the new force has awakened in Hemingway in his mature creative years.

Of course, we can not fully identify the real Dr. Clarence Hemingway and his wife, with fanciful images of the parents of Nick Adams and Jordan, but that's how life is transformed echoes in the pages of Hemingway's books. In early stories show his father's house, a provincial doctor, is very similar Chekhov district doctor. The atmosphere is dull, gray everyday life and the image-willed husband under the thumb of a despot with an oily - zhevpy. It was she, my wife asks tone of this plaguing-bytya.It is a member of the Society of Christian Science, on its table The Bible and the continuing issue of the magazine "Christian spider" ( "The doctor and his wife"). She mi whole day praying for her son and husband, knowing "that men are weak" ( "House"). She inspires her husband, "Remember, whoever humbles the spirit of his own, stronger than him who conquers city "- and it itches' with the constant refrain" cute ". After several replicas of his hands fall:

"The gun itself was in the corner behind the closet - rashotelos even go hunting, and pile unopened medical journals is growing on the floor near his desk. When door had slammed shut and he heard her sigh, he spoke through the window: "Forgive me" - and heard in response: "Nothing, dear" ( "The doctor and his wife"). His the only joy - collection of collections. First it zaspirtovannye snakes and lizards - it burns them when moving into a new house, then the Indian antiquity, and again she burns them in his absence with regular cleaning. "I cleaned basement, my friend "- a smile, she meets his pa porch and he silently adopted to save the charred remains, and the maximum of its protest - Oto spoken Nike words: "The best tips disappeared" ( "In the dream coming ").

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